Garden Center

391 Butts Road
Morton, WA 98356

Click here for directions to our Garden Center.

Garden Center hours Wednesday - Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We are located south of Chehalis off Interstate 5. Take Exit 71 and head east on Highway 508. Drive approximately 24 miles to Butts Road. Turn north on to Butts Road and the nursery is about 1½ miles on the right. From Morton drive west on Highway 508. Turn north on to Butts Road and the nursery is about 1½ miles on the right.

Large Bearing Blueberry Plants

We have too large to ship 3-5 year old bearing blueberry bushes at the nursery! Enjoy a delicious crop this summer! The varieties are Olympia, Bluecrop, Jersey, Hardiblue and Sierra. $30 each; 3 or more $25 each

Instant Orchard; Bearing Fruit Trees
We have apples, plums, pears, peaches, cherries, mulberries, figs, paw paws and other large fruit trees in large, ready to plant, tree bags. Call for cultivar availability. We also have a selection of fruit trees in fiber pots.  Bring a van or a pickup truck with a tarp to take these beautiful specimens home. Varieties listed below. Last inventory 3/16/2018.

Ready to Bear Fruit Trees


Luisa Crabapple








Purple Gage

Gras Romanesc






Large Espalier Fruit Trees
We have 2 and 3 tier apple and pear espalier trees grown in tree bags available at sale prices at the nursery only. In order to ship espaliers we have to cut them way back to fit in boxes. The only way to get these beautiful espalier trees at their full size and beauty as with the large fruit trees bring a van or a pickup truck with a tarp. Varieties listed below. Last inventory 2/28/2018.

2 tier-William's Pride Apple

3 tier-Pristine Apple

3 tier 4x1 Apple Combination

2 tier-Rescue Pear

2 tier-Orcas Pear

Large Beautiful Ornamentals and Unusual Edibles

We have a good selection of beautiful specimen size trees and shrubs that will make an instant accent in your garden. Varieties listed below. Last inventory 2/28/2018.

Vine Maples

Wolfeye Dogwood

Red Dragon Filbert

Elegant Cornus Mas

Yellow Fruited Cornus Mas

Oscar Mulberry

Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

Weeping Mulberry

Frisia Gold Locust

Sunflower Paw Paw

NC 1 Paw Paw

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Hardy Chicago Fig

Nordland Fig

Black Lace Elderberry

Strawberry Tree

Too large to ship plants can’t be ordered ahead                                                                                

You must come to the nursery to select and purchase these too large to ship plants. Because the number of each variety is limited please call ahead to check availability. Each is different and you need to pick the ones you like best when you are visiting the nursery.

“At Nursery Only” Specials

Be sure to ask about our overstock items at reduced prices. We also have unusual varieties not listed in the catalog.

Custom Grafting

 We do custom grafting, you must call the nursery at least a week ahead to make an appointment.

Information center

We have an Information Center where you can sit down and look at useful fruit growing information. We have books and supplies, videos and reprints on display.

How to Shop at The Garden Center
Shop our beautiful indoor Garden Center/ Greenhouse complex for a wide variety of potted plants and supplies. Many are not in the catalog. Our fruit trees and other bareroot plants are in cold storage. Order them with the cashier and go select your potted plants while we gather the cold storage plants for you. Please let the cashier know if you have ordered ahead so we do not duplicate your order. We do not pull order until you are at nursery. Please allow time for us gather your order.

Have Questions For Our Horticulturist?

Email your question to our staff horticulturist at Allow a few days for an answer.