Raintree Founder, Sam Benowitz

Message From Sam, Raintree's Founder


The Fruits Your Mother Cooked With!

The United States is a country of many cultures and our cultures are expressed and enjoyed at our dinner tables. Whether our parents and grandparents are Native Americans or from Japan, Russia, England, Sweden, the middle East, the American Mid-West, South or elsewhere, we grew up with a love of the fruits and berries we ate in our youth. At Raintree we have gathered the best fruits from around the globe for you to enjoy. Many Have Never Before Been Offered to American Gardeners!

Finally, you can now provide for your family, the fruit you ate and
loved as a kid. And Americans almost always enjoy trying out the best foods from other cultures!

Disease Resistant Varieties For the Backyard Grower!

Besides flavor, we offer easy to grow cultivars bred for disease
resistance that will set fruit in your backyard! Look for our
disease resistance symbol throughout the catalog.

Larger Fruit Trees, Quality Plants!

We generally offer larger fruit trees than other mail order nurseries. Our customers tell us that makes a big difference and that Raintree's plants consistently dig in and grow for them. Each plant has its own growth rate and habit so they vary in size and shape but we carefully pick vigorous, healthy plants that will thrive in your yard!

We Pack Them With Care!

Our packing crew has been at Raintree for years. They care about the plants and it shows in the careful way they package each order! It's expensive for us to select larger plants and carefully hand pack them, but our customers tell us to keep up the good work!

The Information You Need To Succeed!

Raintree is unique! We try to honestly describe the strengths and limitations of each variety. Our customers and gardening magazines say that our catalog is the most informative in the nation. This is important because we give you the information you need to select the right plant for each spot in your yard! We also send you a "plant owner's manual" with your order that gives you important additional growing information.

The Best Choices For Your Climate!

Each climate is unique and we help you choose which plants will thrive in your climate and discourage you from buying any that won't!

If you are a regular
Raintree customer, we all thank you. Drop us a line if you have suggestions that can help us to help you, or ideas about other plants we should offer. We look forward to helping you succeed!

Sam Benowitz, Owner