We offer 1/4" caliper rootstock.

There are large price breaks if you purchase 5 or more of each rootstock.

A Word About Rootstocks

We make virus free rootstock available to the backyard grower who wishes to start his or her own trees. The choice of rootstock has much to do with tree performance. The rootstock is the major factor in determining the size of the tree, its cold hardiness and tolerance of wet or dry conditions. It helps determine how soon the tree will bear and some of the diseases to which it will be resistant. Raintree offers fruit trees grown on superior dwarfing rootstocks. The following rootstock information will also help you understand more about successfully caring for your Raintree fruit trees. Remember that with any rootstock, the ultimate height of the tree depends not only on the rootstock but on the variety grafted, the type of soil and the methods of pruning and care. You may graft on to patented rootstocks but may not reproduce the rootstock itself. Our rootstocks are 1/4ヤ caliber unless noted.

Rootstocks Are Sent in February

Despite our best efforts to have them ready earlier, it is always February, sometimes early March, before we can send you the rootstocks. They may therefore be sent separately from the rest of your order.