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Spring 2024 Shipping Has Begun! Order Now!

Blue Elderberry

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Sambucus caerulea

Blue elderberry is a Pacific Coast native that is beautiful in all seasons. In the spring, enjoy the many white flower clusters. In the fall, the 15-20 foot spreading, arching bush is covered with large clusters of small powder blue berries that are prized for cooking, jelly and wine. A powdery white coating makes the berries look blue - underneath, they are dark and full of the same high nutrition and immune-boosting properties as their American and European cousins. An amazing, structural bush for hedgerows and screening unsightly views! Self fertile.

USDA Zone: 2-9

Grow Height: 20' (Large)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: Late Summer

Pollination: Self Fertile

Read our Elderberry Growing Guide

Size: 12" Plant


Ask a Question
  • Should this blue elderberry be planted any distance from black elderberry (S. canadensis) or may that grow near each other?

    They can grow near each other just fine.

  • Wikipedia article on this variety says the blossoms have a strong, unpleasant odor. Is that true? Most elderberries smell nice until they start turning brown.

    Personally I've never considered them unpleasant, so I would say that (apparently) some people might think so, but most people do are not bothered by them.

  • Will this variety pollinate Ranch blueberry?

    No, you will need another S. canadensis to pollinate your Ranch elderberry.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews


My elderberry

My plants arrived in packaging that had kept it well hydrated . I planted them and yesterday I have at least 5 shoots coming out. I'm looking forward to see them grow . Very happy with my purchase. Will buy ages from your company


This plant died. Didn't survive the transport/transplant. Showed no growth, nothing.

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write a review of your experience with the Blue Elderberry. I am sorry to hear it did not survive the transport. We are proud to offer a guarantee on all of our trees. I have gone ahead and issued you store credit on your account. If you have any issues placing a new order for a new Blue Elderberry, please reach out to us at!

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