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Bushel and Berry® Baby Cakes®

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Rubus x 'APF-236T'

Finally you can grow flavorful thornless blackberries in a pot without a trellis! Baby Cakes ®, a new introduction, is a dwarf, thornless blackberry perfect for container gardening - growing to only 3-4' tall with a pleasing, rounded, compact habit. In summer, large, sweet berries ripen on top of the plant.

In most regions (that don't have very high prolonged summer heat), this blackberry will also produce a fall crop. Additionally, this is our most winter-hardy blackberry. Produces fruit on 2nd year canes. Plant patent #27,032. 1 gallon pot. USDA Zones 4-8.

Bushel and Berry® is a unique collection of compact, ornamental and self-pollinating berry plants for the home garden.

 Disclaimer: Picture is of a well established plant. You will receive a one gallon black pot.

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Does this need a pollinator

    No, it is fully self fertile and suitable for container planting.

  • Do you recommend planting as a shrub in a perennial garden, zone 4? That is what I am looking for.

    Yes, it should function fine that way.

  • How should I prune this?

    Each year remove the dead canes. They will die back after they are exhausted from fruiting.

  • What size of pot should the "Bushel and Berry Baby Cakes" blackberry be grown in ?

    10 to 20 dry gallon pots work great!

  • should I use a fertilizer on these blackberries? If yes what should I use?

    Only if they stop flowering or show signs of needing it. If they stop flowering consider a bloom fertilizer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Madeline B.
Much larger than expected.

Several very nice canes arrived in good shape. I had expected small twigs and received a nice sized plant. I am pleased.

Kim L.
Small and thorn less

We picked this small thorn less bush for a planter on our patio. It came bare root. Once we got it planted, it took right off. We have a water line directly to it for easy irrigation. We are excited to see what it does and how it produces.