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Aronia Seedling

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Aronia melanocarpa

Each hardy bush will be loaded with nutritious black fruit in late summer, and show off its glorious colors each fall. To 8-9 feet, but easily kept shorter with quick pruning. 

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 3

Mature Size: 8' unpruned

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: 12-18" Plant


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Customer Reviews

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Daniel W.
bountiful berries and beautiful fall color

Purchased 3 of these as part of an edible mixed hedgerow (with hazels and serviceberries) between two suburban front yards. That was Jan 2020. The aronias have grown vigorously, started fruiting in 2021 (still have tubs of frozen berries from that 1st crop, so just eating this year's fruits straight from the bush). The berries are nutrient dense and tannic, dryer than a blueberry, juicier than most salal I manage to find. Visitors have asked what the plants are, as they are so loaded with fruit and have such beautiful foliage, and often describe the experience of eating them as reminiscent of drinking a full-bodied dry red wine. Children make a pucker face the first time they taste them, and then end up going back for more :) .
Even with the wet and cool spring this year, and poor pollination on our plums, cherries, and asian pears, the aronia had a full fruit set. The fruit lasts well on the bushes, and has been fine for daily nibbling even when starting to get a little wrinkly here mid October. Even with my grazing, there will be enough for birds in the winter. Very happy with these plants. We're in zone 8b, Lynnwood, WA, USA