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Spring 2024 Shipping Has Begun! Order Now!

Phoenix Tears Goji Berry

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Lycium barbarum 'Phoenix Tears'

Also known as Wolfberry Vine, these sweet and nutritious berries are eaten fresh, juiced or dried like raisins. The berries are a popular medicinal herb. Among the highest in protein and anti-oxidants, they have more carotene than carrots, and contain all the essential amino acids and many minerals. Even the leaves are edible when cooked!

Grow this attractive Chinese native on a trellis to more than 10' tall or trim it it as a bush and keep at 4-6' tall. Makes a beautiful fountain-shaped bush when trained through a simple tomato cage. Light purple, bell-shaped flowers bloom in May and continue throughout the summer. The third year and thereafter, flowers are followed by orange-red berries. Phoenix Tears is self-fertile, drought resistant, and likes a half to full day of sun and well-drained soil. It prefers warm summer days and cool nights, and neutral or somewhat alkaline soil. Our plants are grown from cuttings. USDA Zones 5-9. 

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • How do you take care of goji plants? Does it need a lot of water? I think, mine is dead. . .no more leaves.

    Goji needs water yes, but it also needs sunlight and a neutral soil pH. Acidic soils of 6.5 or lower are hard for the Goji to survive in.

  • How tall does the tree get?

    Goji is a vine and does not have a maximum "height". Commerically they are trellised at 5' off the ground.

  • Can goji be grown in pots?

    They can yes, but it will eventually need a large container.

  • Can these do well in Henderson NV which is desert area (9a zone) in a big pot/planter with frequent watering?

    Yes, with enough watering and a strong trellis they should be fine.

  • Does this variety have thorns?

    No it does not have thorns.

  • Do you have instructions on training the goji through a tomato cage? Also, does it need protection from rabbits?

    It will need protection from rabbits, yes, as well as mice and voles.

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