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Olympian Fig

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Along with Desert King the best bet for cool summer areas. This newly available fig was found in Olympia Washington and regularly ripens a sizeable crop in an August and often a fall crop in cool summer areas where others fail. Brought to us by Denny McGaughy this red/purple skinned, red fleshed fig has been long awaited.

This variety is grown from tissue culture and has been heat-treated to significantly reduce the presence of Fig Mosaic Virus.


USDA Zone: 7-10

Grow Height: 10'-15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August-October

Pollination: Self-Fertile

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Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Hi, considering ordering this to start. Is it a stalk, or comes in a gallon pot?

    Our figs all come in gallon pots

  • Do figs grow on last year’s growth (like Desert King) or present year’s growth?

    This tree, like many figs, sets two crops of figs. In warmer areas both will ripen, but here in the PNW we only really get the spring set crop as the later one won't ripen before winter.

  • I'm thinking about placement for the Olympian. I have one corner that gets sun all day long until late PM, and another spot that has a shady period as a neighbor's tree blocks the sun for a couple of hours in the morning. Would the full sun location be better? Also, will this tree spread enough to give me shade beneath it?

    Full sun is always best when growing figs. When fully grown the tree should be about 15 feet wide and provide shade underneath.

  • Is fig mosaic virus a common problem in this area? Are there any other common concerns?

    It is a disease in the PNW yes, which is why we tissue culture our figs to keep them virus free.

  • You say that the fig tree is a tissue culture, does that mean that it is very thin? Do you have to babysit for 2or3 years.

    The trees themselves are sold at 18"-24", not as fresh little sprouts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Looking forward to the size and quality of the Olympian fig

I've had nothing but positive experiences with this nursery and have no doubt this common, outstanding and gigantic fig variety will meet my expectations.


I have both an Olympia Fig and a Desert King side by side. The Desert King ripens first (maybe three weeks earlier) and is extremely prolific. After pruning, it grew to 19 feet tall! It is most likely to produce a second crop in Olympia.

The Olympia Fig is smaller, not quite as prolific. But it has the most extraordinary taste! My wife makes tarts, cakes, and jam with these, if I don't eat them all fresh first!



J S.
Great fig

The fig arrived in great condition. I ordered other figs from another place and this one is the best out of the lot. I didn't get it planted in the ground in the spring so I up potted it and it is healthy green and growing.

David J.
Olympian Fig

I ordered 3 Olympian Figs trees. I thought it would be a good variety to try because it will probably fruit early enough in the season to properly mature and ripen its fruit on Long Island. All 3 trees arrived in excellent condition. I’m especially happy about getting potted fig trees. I highly recommend Raintree for the quality of their nursery stock.