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Actinidia varieties

These are a family of fast-growing vines that produce delicious fruit and are also beautiful ornamental plants. The fruit of each type is different in size and appearance, but all share the wonderful sweet-and-sparky kiwi flavor. The fuzzy deliciosa kiwi fruits that you usually find in the store last for months in your fridge after harvest, and grow on vines hardy to USDA Zones 7-9. The smaller and smooth kolomikta and arguta kiwi vines are much hardier, some to -40F! 

All kiwi vines need a sturdy trellis to climb on: arbors, pergolas, gazebos, deck legs or railings, and chain link fences will all work beautifully. All varieties require sharp drainage; in heavy or damp soils, plant them in a pot or on a mound. All fruits can be picked somewhat unripe, to avoid losses to birds, squirrels and racoons, and ripened slowly on a warm kitchen counter. All our varieties are grown on their own roots.

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    74-32 Hardy Male Kiwi

    Arguta actinidia 74-32 male hardy kiwi vine starts flowering earlier than our other hardy male kiwi (H440), making it an excellent pollinizer for e...

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