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Crimson Sky™ Pomegranate

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Punica granatum 'Crimson Sky'™

A compact pomegranate shrub with an unusually long and lovely season of blooms! Crimson Sky™ is a new cultivar from the Nikita Botanic Garden in Ukraine and is unusually cold-hardy. The large red blooms begin in early summer and continue for months, while the orange-red fruit ripens in late autumn and is heavily borne. Prefers plenty of summer heat.

Pomegranates' bright foliage and beautiful orange flowers make them a stunning landscape plant - plus a reliable, early fruiter in the warm regions of the South, Southwest, and in California. They grow well in the Pacific Northwest but don’t get the intense summer heat they need to ripen. Growing them as a multi-stemmed bush in a pot and bringing them inside to finish ripening in the fall can extend their productive range.

Cold Hardy to USDA Zone: 7

Mature Size: 6'x 5'

Ripening Time: Late Fall

Sun: Full Sun

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • how wide do the roots spread and how far from porch slab should this variety be planted to be safe?

    The roots are shallow and will spread to the drip line of the tree. That said they should not damage a porch slab if planted 6 feet or more away.

  • Are these a drought tolerant variety similar to the "wonderful" pomegranates? And are the branches prone to snapping? Because this is a dwarf variety. Thank you

    No more or less prone than any other pomegranate tree

  • Is Crimson Sky a low chill pomegranate? thx

    Yes, it requires 200-300 chilling hours

  • What is size of fruit?

    Average, it's a small tree with normal sized fruit

  • How small can this be kept? I'd like to keep it in a pot and bring inside to finish ripening fruit, I'm going to need it smaller than 6' tall, 6' wide! Thx for your help! - Shari in Shoreline (Seattle).

    This pomegranate is a natural dwarf and easy to maintain at that size. They can be maintained even smaller if you know what you're doing!

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful very hardy

I bought a Crimson Sky from another grower, and planted it outside. Every year it comes back in Rhode Island 6b. However, it dies back to the ground each year. I decided to buy another from Raintree and keep it in a pot. Boy am I glad I did. It was three times the size and just beautiful! It's made it through the winter, although it dropped all it's leaves, it's now in full leaf and just waiting to go outside when the weather gets warm. This year I also wrapped the one planted in the ground in the hopes that it will come back more vigorous.