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King Stropharia Garden Giant Spawn

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Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Also know as the 'Wine Cap'. As the name implies this mushroom can get large (up to 5lbs), but these beautiful, wine-red mushrooms are far tastier when picked at the button stage. It is a very easy mushroom for the home cultivator and can be readily grown in your berry, vegetable and flowers beds. Once introduced to your garden, this species will often become truly perennial, appearing year after year. King Stropharia is very heat and cold tolerant and can be grown in most parts of the country.

Just mix FRESH hardwood chips or sawdust with our King Stropharia spawn, mulch around your garden with the spawned chips and keep moist. In 6 to 12 months the mushrooms will begin to appear, and in many parts of the country will continue fruiting from spring through fall.  If hardwood chips or sawdust are not available, un-composted straw will also work; in Germany they grown them right on straw bales. One 5lb bag of spawn should inoculate a wheelbarrow full of chips.

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Ask a Question
  • Just to be clear, the block of inoculated sawdust should be broken up and mixed with wood chips and kept watered?

    Broken up and covered with wood mulch. Kept watered and shaded if possible.

  • can this be started indoors in the winter?


  • are your wine caps spawn in sawdust or grain?

    Sawdust is used as the medium.

  • I live east of the Cascades 90 miles NW of Spokane. It's much drier here than it is west of the Cascades. Will this mushroom work as directed in a drier, colder, hotter climate?

    Yes, but you will have to keep the moisture up. Heat and cold don't really matter to mushrooms, but humidity does. Even in Western WA keeping them watered is a big part of success.

  • What do these taste like?

    Raw? Not much. Cooked in butter? Like butter!

  • If spread in a veggie or flower bed, will this mushroom overtake the bed?

    Overtake? No. Fruit? Potentially yes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shirley T.

I was very disappointed in this item.

I have received many items from you and very happy if the various items you shipped to me. Perfect condition and arrive beautifully. The strap mushroom arrived yesterday n sad condition.

The bag was all broken up and I got no instruction on how to take care of it.

The bag was opened and what a mess.

I do not want to write and complained, that’s not me.

I just took it for a lost


Eli E.
Just Getting Started

The kit looks great. We just mixed the contents with wood chips and put them out in the garden. Too early to give any more info but so far, so good!

Judy M.
Mushrooms and Lemon Grass

I received everything just as promised and all was in very good shape. The lemon grass is doing well and the mushroom garden and logs have been prepared. Can’t wait to harvest in the Fall! Thanks so much!

Kelly D.
No instructions, don't buy mushroom spawn here

I was very disappointed when I received my order of Wine Cap mushroom spawn and dowel spawn for another mushroom variety. There were no instructions, even for temporary storage until use. The chat help referred me back to the "instructions" given in the sale listing and a very generalized and unhelpful "mushroom growing guide." He had no product specific knowledge.
I ended up turning to YouTube to learn how to get started. I found 2 very helpful channels with specific instructions for how to prepare for and apply spawn. Both of these channels are from businesses who mainly sell mushroom growing supplies and spawn. I initially purchased from Raintree because I was trying to buy closer to home, but their lack of guidance has put me off. Future mushroom related purchases will be through one of the businesses I found through YouTube.