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Sweet Purple Asparagus

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For the asparagus connoisseur. The purple spears have a 20% higher sugar content. Sweet Purple is often eaten raw. Very tender when cooked, the sweetness gives this asparagus a mild, nutty flavor.

Size: 10 Bareroot Crowns


Ask a Question
  • Do they require full sun?

    Yes absolutely

  • How old are crowns

    One year in ground

  • How old are these crowns?

    1 year in the ground before being dug.

  • What zones does this grown in?

    USDA zones 3-8

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fred L.
About half

About half of them came up and I guess that is pretty good. Maybe more will come up next month. Pretty color.

Massive roots on these crowns

100% of the crowns planted have asparagus stalks above ground already.To bad i gotta wait to harvest for a few years.

David P.
Some survived winter and are coming up

I bought these in March 2023 and will update over the years if possible.

All of the plants came with big healthy roots. It may be the rains and freezes, or just luck, but only 3 plants out of 10 made it last summer. I checked a month ago and I believe those three are still alive, but so far just this one has a nice stalk coming up, about as big around as a pinky finger.

After I taste them I can review that.