What our customers have to say

Following are a few of the comments people have sent us!

Thanks for your generous donation and support! With your donation we were able to help 150 farmers in Gulbarr Village, over a three week period and take tools, rootstock and scion wood to help in the revitalization of the village orchards.  
- B. H.  Friday Harbor, WA

Thank you so much for donating grape vines to the school. Grapes are one of the kids’ crops, and you just quadrupled our supply! 
- Lincoln Elementary School, Olympia, WA

Thank you very much for the series of classes and workshops! I learned a great deal, some of which I put in to practice the very next day. The day was well worth the excursion from Seattle. 
- C. H. Seattle, WA

The packing resulting in the excellent condition of the rootstocks. I’ve ordered rootstock in the past from many other sources, but yours are the finest quality so far. Yours are fully rooted and truly superior. 
- C. C. Massapequa, NY

I have been very pleased with everything I  have received from you and the help I know I can count on when I ask. I have told my friends that yours is the company to go to for quality fruit trees.
- C. J. Panama City, FL

Your stuff is the best! I have ripped out the other guys poor quality trees that are growing quickly nor produce fruit to put Raintree’s stock in. Keep up the fine work. 
- M. E. Holland, OH

It is difficult to find a quality nursery with plants that will thrive in North Dakota/Canadian border. Your plants have performed very well. We are happy to have discovered your folks, and will be sure to order from you again.  
- S. R. Cavalier, ND

I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful my Mirabelle’s are doing here in Iowa. My father lives in Custines France and so I ordered the plums of his region. Wow, the fruit is like eating gold. Thank you again for this fabulous tree and the tie to my family.
- S. S. Cedar Rapids, IA

My children enjoy the peaches from my Q 1-8 Peach tree I purchased from you a few years ago. This was the first year it bore fruit, which was delicious. My entire family enjoyed walking out to our yard and picking fresh peaches that tasted better than most we have ever bought. I really didn’t expect such an abundant crop of full-sized fruit in such a short time.
- Murmylo Family, Ottisville, PA  

Thank you very much. You have wonderful customer service.
- A. G. Staten Island, NY

I grew up on a farm, we ordered our fruit trees and berries from Raintree. I have always known Raintree Nursery to be the highest quality. As an adult, I have continued the tradition of ordering from Raintree Nursery for my own backyard gardening.
- S. L. Port Orchard, WA

The Quince, Filbert and two Raspberries arrived and are now planted. They were in fine shape and absolutely beautiful. The catalog you sent blew me away—I’ve spent hours pouring over it! You have a great selection and full information about everything in the catalog. Thank you so much.
- L.H. Heber, AZ

I enjoy doing business with your nursery. Your customer service is prompt and friendly, you make good on failed plants, your stock always comes nicely packaged, healthy and ready to grow. Thank  you!
- T. S. Reading, PA

I am doing five acres of edible landscape. Obviously I can only manage a certain quantity of new things every year. Although I do get tons of catalogs, and I do purchase a small amount elsewhere…you and the caring customer service, are the reason I spend the largest amount of money at Raintree.
- B.M. Stillwater, OK

I am writing to let Raintree Nursery know that their nursery products are top notch. I ordered a couple of Fig trees they arrived beautiful and to my shock a really good size. I’ve told many friends and family members about your products and will be ordering again. Keep up the fantastic work. Thanks again Raintree.
- C. C. Lowell, MA

Just a little note to let you know how happy I am with all the plants you shipping to me.
- C.W. Mendocino, CA

We have purchased many trees and plants from Raintree over the years which are productive and beautiful but nothing matches the Caroline raspberry. We stuck it in the ground in April and by Thanksgiving it was still covered with flowers. I have talked it up so much with friends that they are now buying Caroline raspberries as well. It won’t be long before everyone in Ashland, OR has one!
- L.H. Ashland, OR

I recommend Raintree to everyone especially if you are buying berry plants. Raintree really cares about their customers’ satisfaction. If I know anyone looking for berry plants the first place I send them is to Raintree.
- I.E.R Delmar, NY

Once again I am very please with the service and quality of your products. Everything arrived in very good shape plants were still damp and well packaged. I was very impressed with the size of the trees, and their appearance.
- D. J. Kempner, TX

I have always been very pleased with the products and service from Raintree Nursery. You have had outstanding plants and your staff provides the best service. While every business has to keep the eye on the bottom line, but you folks show that product and service comes first and then the bottom line will be okay.
- D.C. Colorado Springs, CO

A friend and I visited the nursery today to look at some of your ‘Too Big To Ship’ stock. The quality was remarkable as well as the handling. The staff took time to walk us through the available stock and the horticulturist offered personalized advice on pruning the trees we selected. The customer service was beyond exemplary and we left with four oversized fruit trees and three mammoth blueberries. Wonderful. Thank you!
- J.H. Snohomish, WA

I have ordered from you for 4 seasons. I wanted to tell you that my order this year was, in fact exceptional. Thank you.
- M.W. Mocksville, NC

My order arrived today and I wish to compliment you on the quality and condition of the plants. It is obvious that you care for your customers and the plants you have for sale. Thank you very much.
- D.R. Saratoga, CA

Just a note about the Pakistan Mulberry I ordered. I have to admit I was a bit shocked when I opened the box and saw the size…much larger than I expected! It arrived in good shape and the buds are just swelling. Thank you I will definately order from you in the future.
- B.R. Tulsa,OK

I’ve been a huge fan of your nursery for years now! Our garden is just bursting with returning edibles. The highlight of my daughters Springs and Summers is harvesting fruit for breakfast every morning. My family generously buys me a Raintree plant for birthdays/Christmas and other occasions. Thank you so much for what you do!
- C.R. Seattle, WA

I just unpacked my order and I am SO DELIGHTED! I wanted to have a few plants to remind me of my Pacific Northwest here in my new home. All the plants I received are in beautiful health and were so expertly packed.
- K.V. Olympia, IL

I just wanted to gush over you for a moment. I have a small backyard and a lot of containers, I’ve got every inch planted with lovely things that I’ve gotten from you. From dwarf cherries and peach trees, to dwarf lilacs, to asparagus and black raspberries. Your plants are the hardiest, and most well packed I have ever received via mail.
- C.S. Cupertino, CA

I wanted to commend you on such superior quality plants and such diligence in packing them. I have ordered from you for both our Maryland and Michigan properties, and have been consistently pleased with the quality and health of the plants.
- M.N. Hillsdale, MI

My plants just arrived. They are very nice and I am a happy customer.
- S.D. Pine Mountain, GA

No other nursery comes close to your impressive selection of unusual and interesting varieties at very reasonable prices. I was reluctant to order from you because I am on the other side of the country and I was worried about high shipping costs and stress on the plants. But your shipping fees were surprisingly reasonable, and my trees arrived in absolutely perfect condition. From selection and quality to price and customer care, I can’t say enough good thing about Raintree.
- L.G. Polk, PA

I received my Sunshine Blue blueberry plant and I was thrilled. It arrived in perfect shape and even had flowers on it so the berries are soon to come. It was professionally packed to arrive safely. Thank you for your professional service and plants.
- P.S. Atlanta, GA

I received the order for four Sunshine blueberry plants. They arrived in great condition, packing was excellent. Quality for exceeded my expectations. Best plants I have ever received from an online or mail order nursery. 
- K.A. Fort Bragg, CA

Very nice customer service, I will continue to be a customer. And will enjoy the great variety of products you have! Thank you.
- J.G. Stillwell, KS

Plants arrived and they a re beautiful!
- E.B. Chatham, MI

Very happy with the quality of trees and timely manner in which they arrived.
- B.E. Manchester,TN

I received my order and am extremely happy with the quality of your plants. I will be shopping with you in the future.
- L.G. Bailey, CO

I bought some Sunshine blueberries from you last year. I was hesitant being in Houston, Texas that they would really produce like the catalog said. Also hesitant about getting them mail order. Let me tell ya, they are happy! I have blueberries for my cereal, for my oatmeal and just for snacks! Thank you so much for the healthy plants, fun plants. I had no idea these would produce so much so soon.
- M.M. Katy, TX

We received the pomegranates, plants look healthy. Thanks for the professionalism.
- F.K. Seattle, WA

Thanks for the timely delivery. The six dwarf cherry trees are very healthy and I have begun to set them out. I was very impressed with the amount of buds on each limb. My previous order of blackberries and raspberries are growing like crazy.
- R.B. Sanford, NC

Just wanted to let you know plants arrived and were in good shape. Quite the packing job! I couldn’t believe they were all in the box. Thanks for the nice purchasing experience.
- J.B. Walla Walla, WA