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Great Reasons To Visit Our Garden Center

If you've been to Raintree, you'll notice a big change this year. We now have a beautiful Garden Center and greenhouse complex where you can shop indoors for a wide variety of potted plants and supplies, many not listed in the catalog.

We encourage visitors to browse our green houses and retail areas. Should you need a place to rest, our Garden Center has a cozy sitting area complete with tables/chairs, coffee/tea/hot chocolate, and dried fruit samples. Click here for directions to our Garden Center.

Information Center

Visit our information center where you can sit down and look at useful fruit growing information. The books, videos and supplies in the catalog as well as reference books and reprints are available for viewing.

Bareroot plants now in cold storage

From January through early June, the Raintree Garden Center bare root trees are being kept fully dormant in optimal condition in cold storage as we already do for our mail order plants. Sit in our comfortable information center and fill our your order for bareroot plants. We will quickly gather them for you while you browse through our garden center greenhouse filled with interesting potted plants or wander among our large bearing tree bag fruit trees.

Garden center greenhouse

You will find a wide selection of catalog and non catalog plants in our garden center greenhouse. They include bedding plants, vines, flowering shrubs, herbs, berry plants, figs and subtropicals.

Greenhouse & Garden supplies

In addition to items in this catalog, we have potting soil,  pots, fertilizer and other fruit growing supplies.

Demonstration & Landscape Plantings

Our vines, berries and espaliers are beginning to shape up. Come and look at how we grow our plants and take home some ideas.

Gorgeous Bamboos

We have large pots of bamboo at the nursery. Bring a van, larger station wagon or a pickup truck with a tarp if you want to take these large beautiful specimens home.

Blueberry Bush Varieties

Many of you are partial to our large, ready to bear blueberry bushes. Bring a station wagon, van or pickup.

Fantastic Ornamental Plants

We have ornamental trees and bushes too large to ship, including many not in the catalog.

Instant orchard; fruit-bearing trees

We have apples, plums, pears, peaches, cherries and other large fruit trees in large, ready to plant, tree bags. Call for cultivar availability. Bring a large van or pickup with tarp to cover.  Browse our balled & burlaped fruit trees.

In addition to the fruit tree varieties, we've also potted a variety of blueberries, raspberries, alpine and musk strawberries, currants, gooseberries and many others available in pots at the nursery.

Nut trees, ornamentals, and other unusual plants are potted and available at our nursery, so give us a call for availability: 800 391 8892

Raintree plants love rainy days

People prefer to shop on sunny days but remember that the plants are less stressed when moved and transplanted during overcast or rainy spells. Read our Plant Owner's Guide.

"At Nursery Only" specials

We have a special section of overstock items at reduced prices, so be sure to ask one of our helpful staff!

Make Raintree part of your weekend in the mountains!

Though only two hours from Seattle or Portland, Raintree is located on the way to White Pass ski area and near Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens. Nearby are bed & breakfasts and motels. You can make the beautiful drive to Raintree an easy day trip, or simply a half-hour detour from I-5. For directions, visit our Garden Center Page.