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Welcome to our new website! If you have any issues, please email
Welcome to our new website! If you have any issues, please email

Useful Links

Find your local cooperative extension service in the phone book under county listings or here


North American Fruit Explorers ( A non-profit association of enthusiastic, helpful fruit and nut growers with a great quarterly magazine and outstanding web site.


California Rare Fruit Growers Association ( This is the world’s largest amateur fruit growing organization, with members in 48 states and 30 countries. They emphasize unusual subtropical fruits and vegetables.


SoilFood Web Inc ( featuring tests, information, and products for the life of the soil. This site will give you a great education on composting and making healthy soil.


Mid Atlantic Regional Fruit Loop ( Good info and pictures of many pests, focus on tree fruit.


UC Fruit and Nut Research and Information Center ( University of California at UC Davis.


Western Washington Fruit Research Foundation ( provides lots of good information for growing in the Pacific Northwest and links to WSU Mt. Vernon

Experiment Station fruit growing. They support research on fruit varieties that will perform well in the Pacific Northwest as well as providing public education activities.


Drip Works ( An excellent resource for drip irrigation technical assistance, ideas, and supplies. Drip irrigation allows you to maintain healthy plants and keep water use to a minimum at the same time.


Raintree Plant Owners Manual The same planting guide we send with each order, includes planting information, basic pruning and training information, and an insect and disease management chart.


Arbico Organics ( A mail order company supplying biological and organic pest, disease, and weed control products.


Oregon State University Plant Weeds, Disease, and Insect Management Guides ( This highly recommended site provides pictures and descriptions to help you identify possible weed, disease, and insect issues, Pacific Northwest focus. The information is up-dated annually, and includes both organic and chemical control options.