Avoid fruit tree pruning, except broken or dead limbs, if trees or shrubs are not fully dormant or approaching dormancy. Open wounds heal more slowly as trees are approaching dormancy, increasing the opportunity for fungal infections to occur.

If you have not yet done so, cut out old dead fruited canes from blackberries, raspberries, and related hybrids after fruiting and tie in the new canes for next year.

English: Blackberries near Waldridge Manor. Th... English: Blackberries near Waldridge Manor. This blackberry bush is beside a public footpath, so the fruit probably gets picked when it becomes ripe, leaving unripe red berries to ripen and be picked in their turn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cut ever-bearing raspberries and blackberries to the ground after all the fruit has been picked. New canes will grow next spring and produce fruit in the fall.

You could also cut the ever-bearing canes to just below where they fruited this fall, leaving the lower portion of the cane to fruit next summer.

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