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If your soil has been recently disturbed, is low in organic matter, or is imported, your fruit trees will also benefit from the addition of mychorrizal fungi at planting time, #T185 Myco Paks.

The fungal organisms in these packets are normally found in association with the root systems of healthy deciduous trees and some berries, particularly those types of plants that would normally be found in a temperate zone deciduous forest. They support and augment root function, improving water and nutrient up take, particularly phosphorous, and help protect against some disease organisms. They are present in most healthy soils that have had native deciduous trees or blackberries growing on them. Soils that have been disturbed, are low in organic matter, or have been regularly fertilized with chemical fertilizers will tend to have little or no beneficial mycorrhizal organisms present.

Plants that have been removed from the soil and the soil washed off the roots, or grown in a container by a commercial grower with chemical fertilizers will usually not have beneficial organisms on their roots. Inoculating the roots of your trees or berries at planting time will help ensure that your fruit tree and strawberry plants will establish and grow well in their first year.

After planting apply a mulch of organic matter that was brown when harvested, such as fall leaves or straw, for optimal support of the fungal organisms. You are duplicating what would normally happen in a hardwood forest, where most of our fruit trees originated.

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