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Raspberries are typically grown in a two foot wide row. Prepare the soil for planting by first clearing weeds in a 3-4’ wide strip the length you are planning to plant (for your free 3 plants you will need 6’ of length). Put a 3-4” thick layer of composted manure (cow, steer, or other ruminants, not chicken) or leaf mold on the surface of the row. Work it in to the top foot or so of soil, then rake up to form a mound about 2’ wide at the base. Then make a furrow 3-4” deep down the center of your mound.
You will receive bare root plants that look like a stick with some roots at the bottom. Plant your raspberry every two feet along the row, starting 1 foot in from the end, laying the roots along the furrow (don’t worry if they overlap with the next plant). Cover the roots with 2-3” of soil and water in.

Raspberries spread vigorously from their roots. Keep your plants in check by roto-tilling or digging around the mound to remove spreading roots, 2-3 times a year after the first year. Install support for the vigorous canes during the first year. Keep the soil in the mound moist, but not constantly wet. Apply composted manure to the mound each winter.

July (floricane) bearing and fall (primocane or ever-) bearing raspberries have different pruning requirements, see the Raintree Nursery Plant Owners Guide for instructions. To support the ever-bearing 1-2 wires down the center of the bed, at 3-5’ high, will suffice. To support July bearing types attach 2 cross-bars to each end post; make one 18” long and install at 3’ high, the second crossbar 24” long at 5’ high; string wire to the crossbar ends to make a v-shaped area for the raspberries to grow within.

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