Note throughout the catalog those fruits that do well where winter temperatures drop to -30° F., and lower. These are just a few of many catalog items that will do well for you. Please consult your Agricultural Extension Service for more recommendations. 
APPLES: The hardiest varieties including
Zestar, Snowsweet, Red Flesh, Honey Crisp, Wolf River, Dolgo and Centennial.

BLUEBERRIES: Polaris, North Sky, Chippewa, Patriot, Maine wild blueberry 
RASPBERRIES: Summit, and Jewel

OTHER FRUIT TREES: Mt. Royal, Comet of Kubansk and Kuban Delight Plums, American Persimmon, Illinois Everbearing Mulberry, Serviceberries, Ivan's Belle and Shipova.

OTHER BERRIES & VINES: Gooseberries, Currants, Elderberries, Aronia, Lingonberries, Rugosa Roses, Alpine Strawberries, All-Field Berries, Blue Honeysuckle, Sea Buckthorn, Nanking Cherry, Echinacea, Goumi, Arctic Beauty Kiwi, Magnolia Vine.