Dayton apple, Dayton apple.

This is a really good year for apple production here at Raintree Nursery and the early ripening apples are abundant.

William's Pride and Pristine are already ripe and have been collected.

The apple that is ripe now at Raintree is the Dayton.

It is another of the scab and mildew resistant varieties. The large, round fruits are red and have excellent flavor.  Dayton comes from the breeding program of Purdue, Rutgers and Illinois: PRI.

The fruit is large, an attractive glossy red, and matures with 'Prima' and 4 weeks before 'Delicious'. Fruit is well distributed over the tree and hangs for almost 2 weeks without loosing its firmness and dessert quality. It retains its good flavor and firm flesh up to 4 weeks in cold storage (1°C). 'Dayton' is released as a potential commercial cultivar for use as a summer dessert apple; in addition, it makes an excellent backyard apple. ~Dayton apple, PRI website

It is a winner in the northeast, northwest, midwest, and will probably does well elsewhere.

The Dayton apple is available for spring shipment. Order and pay — on or before January 1, 2014 — for spring shipment and choose 20% of your spring order subtotal in FREE BONUS ITEMS from selected varieties.