A delicious fruit that we enjoy eating each summer here at Raintree Nursery is the Pluerry which is the name for a plum crosses with a cherry. The one we planted first that is farthest along in its bearing is the variety Sweet Treat. It is a cross of a Japanese Plum and Sweet Cherry. It is pollinated by another Pluerry or by other Japanese Plums. Sweet Treat has the size and delicious super juicy flavor of a Japanese Plum with an added refreshing wonderful aftertaste that makes it unlike any other fruit I've tasted. The Pluerrys ripen well here in our maritime climate where most of the Apricot X Plum crosses called Apriums and Pluot don't. They are hardy in USDA Zones 6-9 and the variety Nadia in USDA Zones 5-9. Order a couple and you won't be sorry but you might have to change your shirt when the juice splashes on you when you eat one this July or August.