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  1. About the Founder

    About the Founder
    Message from Sam, Raintree's founder The Fruits Your Mother Cooked With! The United States is a country of many cultures and our cultures are expressed and enjoyed at our dinner tables. Whether our parents and grandparents are Native Americans or from Japan, Russia, England, Sweden, the middle East, the American Mid-West, South or elsewhere, we grew up with a love...
  2. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny Appleseed
    LAST KNOWN REMAINING TREE OF JOHNNY APPLESEED From The Cleveland Plain Dealer May 30 1961 (Raintree now offers trees made from the scionwood of this historic tree) Because Johnny Appleseed planted seedling trees most had inferior quality fruit suitable for cider making but not the best for fresh eating. This variety is an exception it has large excellent qulaity fruit...

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