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  1. Keeping Insects at Bay

    Keeping Insects at Bay
    A bowl of gravenstein apples showing the effects of codling moth larva. The larvae feed especially on the protein rich seeds, which explains why the core of the cut apples have been almost completely eaten away. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Keep those fallen fruits cleaned up. In apple maggot and codling moth infested areas, collect and destroy any unused fallen...
  2. How to Harvest Walnuts, Butternuts and Heartnuts

    How to Harvest Walnuts, Butternuts and Heartnuts
    Black Walnut (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Knock the nuts from the tree when the green hulls begin to split and the packing tissue between and around the kernel halves has just started to turn brown. Remove the hulls as soon as you can. There are several ways to remove the hulls: Use a knife, stomp and roll the nuts with...
  3. Plant Those Fall Bulbs

    Plant Those Fall Bulbs
    A view inside some tulips, showing the stamens and stigmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It is time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs when the soil has cooled to about 50-55°F. October is a great month for planting potted plants and spring flowering bulbs in the ground in USDA zones 6-10. For best results, have your plants and bulbs in the...
  4. It's Time to Pick Kiwi

    It's Time to Pick Kiwi
    The plural of Kiwi is Kiwi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) If your kiwis have softened, they are ripe and ready to eat. Kiwi tend to ripen unevenly on the vine and can be picked as they soften over several weeks. Or the whole crop can be picked when the fruit is firm ripe (berry feels firm, and when you cut...
  5. Visit Raintree for a Cider Making Day on Saturday, Oct. 27

    Visit Raintree for a Cider Making Day on Saturday, Oct. 27
    English: Drawing of Jonathan Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This year we have had a wonderful apple harvest. We have made loads of delicious apple sauce and apple butter but the event everyone looks forward to the most is our Cider Making Day. If you enjoy drinking “hard” or alcoholic ciders, Raintree offers a unique collection of...

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