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  1. About the Founder

    About the Founder
    Message from Sam, Raintree's founder The Fruits Your Mother Cooked With! The United States is a country of many cultures and our cultures are expressed and enjoyed at our dinner tables. Whether our parents and grandparents are Native Americans or from Japan, Russia, England, Sweden, the middle East, the American Mid-West, South or elsewhere, we grew up with a love...
  2. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny Appleseed
    LAST KNOWN REMAINING TREE OF JOHNNY APPLESEED From The Cleveland Plain Dealer May 30 1961 (Raintree now offers trees made from the scionwood of this historic tree) Because Johnny Appleseed planted seedling trees most had inferior quality fruit suitable for cider making but not the best for fresh eating. This variety is an exception it has large excellent qulaity fruit...
  3. Northern California

    Northern California
    Most Raintree varieties can be grown to perfection in many parts of Northern California. Among the many Raintree plants that generally thrive in zones G, H, I, J, K and L are most Apples, European and Asian Pears, Quinces, Asian and European Plums, Pluots, Persimmons, (We can now send our Asian Persimmons to California) Figs, Pomegranates, Hardy Citrus, Almonds, Walnuts, Chestnuts, most berries and...
  4. Pacific Northwest

    Pacific Northwest
    Pacific Northwest Region Fruits  Raintree specializes in flavorful fruit varieties proven to thrive for Pacific Northwest backyard grower. Most of the fruit, nut and berry varieties offered on this web site have been proven to thrive in the Pacific Northwest. Zone A: This area abuts the mountain. It is the coldest in out region and gets the most snow and rain...
  5. Southern US

    Southern US
    We carry many varieties that are proven to grow in the South. We list many other plants that have low chill requirements and are tolerant of high summer temperatures. Middle South USDA Zones 6 and 7: If you live in most of the lower midwest, the upper south and mid Atlantic seaboard, you can grow a wide variety of fruit...
  6. Midwest

    APPLES VARIETIES  PEAR VARIETIES OTHER TREE FRUIT Arkansas Black. Wolf River, Liberty, Beni Shogun, Spitzenburg, Fameuse, Enterprise, Gravenstein,William’s Pride, Dayton Pristine Bartlett, Comice, Warren, Seckel, Ichiban, Shinseiki, Mishirasu, Yongi Mulberries Illinois Wellington American Persimmons, Paw Paws, Serviceberries, Jujubes, Cornus Mas, Quinces, Nanking Cherry, Medlar, Quinces BERRY VARIETIES GRAPE VARIETIES Blueberries Bluecrop, Bluegold, Hannah's Choice Blackberries Chester Triple Crown Raspberries Caroline, Jewel Black...
  7. Coldest Parts of the North and Upper Midwest

    Coldest Parts of the North and Upper Midwest
    USDA ZONES 3 & 4. Note throughout the catalog those fruits that do well where winter temperatures drop to -30° F., and lower. These are just a few of many catalog items that will do well for you. Please consult your Agricultural Extension Service for more recommendations.  APPLES: The hardiest varieties including Zestar, Snowsweet, Red Flesh, Honey Crisp, Wolf River...
  8. Greater Great Lakes and Interior Northeast

    Greater Great Lakes and Interior Northeast
    USDA Zone 5 and adjoining zones: Most Raintree varieties will grow in your area. Many have proven to be of good quality when grown at one or more of the experiment stations in the region including New York Fruit Testing Service in Geneva, New York and Harrow Station, Ontario Canada. Michigan, Illinois and the other state Agricultural Extension Services have...
  9. East Coast Maritime Climate

    East Coast Maritime Climate
    USDA Zones 6 & 7: Raintree specializes in fruit varieties for maritime climates. The Raintree catalog has hundreds of varieties that will thrive in your climate. Those of you who live near the coast from southern Maine to the Maryland eastern shore have a maritime influence that usually prevents the coldest winter temperatures and enables you to grow most of...
  10. Apple Cake

    Apple Cake
    APPLE CAKE 4 C diced apple-not too small mostly peeled 2 C sugar- mix well and add: 1 C nut meats (optional) 2 well beaten eggs 2 tsp. vanilla Mix well and add: 2 C flour 2 tsp. soda 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. salt Bake in a 9x12 greased pan at 350 oven for 1 hour

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