Raintree Nursery

The finest fruit cultivars from around the world

  1. How to Plant a Fruit Tree

    How to Plant a Fruit Tree

    Instructional video on planting your new fruit tree

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  2. Raintree Nursery Tour

    Raintree Nursery Tour

    Enjoy this tour of Raintree Nursery!

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  3. Fruit & Berry FAQ

    Questions specific to fruit trees and berries

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  4. General FAQs

    General questions related to plant selection and horticulture.

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  5. Shipping/Ordering

    Common questions about shipping and ordering plants from Raintree

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  6. Apple Pollination

    Apple Pollination
  7. European Plum Pollination

    European Plum Pollination
  8. European Pear Pollination

    European Pear Pollination
  9. Asian Plum Pollination

    Asian Plum Pollination
  10. Asian Pear Pollination

    Asian Pear Pollination