1. Grow a bonsai blueberry tree!

    Grow a bonsai blueberry tree!
    Top Hat blueberry The art of bonsai is a wonderful hobby for people. However, very few people have an edible bonsai! A great candidate for this is the Top Hat Blueberry. The Top Hat is a slow grower that producers tasty blueberries. Top Hat grows what look like old gnarly branches and it has small leaves. It grows well...
  2. The Blueberry

    The Blueberry
    Ripening blueberries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Consider the lowly blueberry. Consider the lowly blueberry highly! Blueberries are great edible landscape plants. They come in all sizes. From the low-growing groundcover up through varieties that grow up to 8 feet tall. Consider making a blueberry hedge from our tallest blueberry cultivar the Liberty.  Plant blueberries three to four feet apart to...

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