1. Fertilizing Your Container Plants

    Fertilizing Your Container Plants
    Select a fertilizer that is appropriate for the plant you are growing to get optimal performance in the container. Use citrus fertilizer for citrus plants, and blueberry/rhododendron fertilizer for vacciniums (blueberry, huckleberry, lingonberry and cranberry). For Bananas, encourage lots of vigorous growth initially with a foliage supportive formula that has a high nitrogen content, then switch to a formula that...
  2. Taking care of container plants in December

    Taking care of container plants in December
    Unripe Meyer lemon, Citrus × meyeri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Finally, the lemons on your Meyer’s Lemon Tree that set last February are starting to swell and look like they will really ripen (next month)! Continue monitoring for insect populations, early detection and treatment will keep those pests under control. Keep your lemon trees flowering and fruiting periodically throughout the...

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