Drip irrigation

  1. Irrigation Is Valuable During Long, Hot Summer Days

    Irrigation Is Valuable During Long, Hot Summer Days
    Drip irrigation in New Mexico vineyard, 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) During the long hot days of summer irrigate as needed to provide the equivalent of 1” of rain per week (enough water to saturate the soil to 1 foot deep). Irrigation is especially valuable for newly planted trees (1-2 years) whose root systems are not fully established deep into...
  2. Check Your Irrigation Systems

    Check Your Irrigation Systems
    Irrigation equipment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Now is a good time to look over stored irrigation equipment and order replacement parts. Make sure you have a plan for irrigating new plantings this year and order additional parts if needed. All new plantings need at least some irrigation in their first summer, unless you receive about 1” of rainfall every week...

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