Pacific Northwest

  1. Peach leaf curl control

    Peach leaf curl control
    English: Peach leaf curl by Taphrina deformans (from Professional Institute of Agriculture and Environment "Cettolini" Villacidro, Italy) Italiano: Bolla del pesco causata da Taphrina deformans (Photo credit: Wikipedia) One of the more significant fungal diseases in the Pacific Northwest on peaches is Peach Leaf Curl. Once the chill requirement for the peach tree has been met, the sealed bud...
  2. Pruning in December

    Pruning in December
    Pruning shears. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Once your trees, shrubs, and vines have achieved full dormancy (leaves on the ground for deciduous plants, no tender new growth buds visible on evergreen plants) you can begin dormant season pruning. If you tend to experience a lot of freeze, wind, or fungal damage during the more severe part of winter it might...
  3. Taking Care of Mason Bees

    Taking Care of Mason Bees
    Homes of mason bees (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By October, mason bees have finished pupating inside their cocoons and are mature, waiting for springs’ signal to emerge. Between now and early December, you can handle the bees inside their cocoons without damaging them, or waking them up accidentally, making this the ideal time to clean your mason bees and blocks...

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