Seascape strawberries

  1. Seascape: large, everbearing strawberry

    Seascape: large, everbearing strawberry
    The Seascape strawberry is no longer under-appreciated at Raintree Nursery. The Raintree Inventory Manager Tina Cline's hand is pictured on our spring cover surrounded by delicious and as you can see very large Seascape everbearing strawberries.  The berries were grown by Raintree's own Pedro Velasco. Seascape bears for many months starting in July. The berries are very large and flavorful and...
  2. Fresh, delicious Seascape strawberries on sale NOW

    Fresh, delicious Seascape strawberries on sale NOW
    Pedro Velasco Lopez holds a flat of Seascape strawberries. Are you looking for large, fresh, sweet strawberries? We have them here at Raintree Nursery. Pedro Velasco Lopez, a Raintree Nursery employee, is pictured here holding a flat of seascape strawberry plants. Pedro grows his own large and delicious Seascape strawberries. These berries are not certified organic, although Pedro does...

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