Workshops/Field Days

Workshops/Field Days

Come and attend an informative class at Raintree. Most of you come a long way to get to our garden center and you can combine shopping at Raintree with a day of learning about  how to better grow and care for your edible plants. Our classes are on Saturdays. Besides our full day of classes in Morton we have classes many Saturdays in the spring at the nursery. They are listed below.

Full Day of Classes

Saturday, March 10, 2018

We will have a lot of great classes taught by experts.

Please note: Classes are at the Roxy Theater, 233 SW Main St. Morton, WA 98356.

Pre-registration: $10

Registration day of class: $15

People under 21 are free!

How to register: Call us, send in your check or register online.

Books, supplies, rootstocks and scionwood will be available for sale.

Come join us for an all you can learn buffet of helpful information!

Raintree open: 7:30 a.m. to dark.

Special Class-Day Sale: At the classes, we will have a flyer listing dozens of

items offered at the nursery at class day only sale prices!


9 a.m. to 3 p.m.: Grafting

Ongoing small groups! Scionwood available.

9 a.m.: Berries—Blue, Black, Elder, Goose, Rasp & Straw

Learn to prune, train, select and plant them.

9 a.m.: For the Beginner

All the basics to successfully start growing fruit trees and berries in your yard!

10 a.m.: Plant Propagation Raintree staff shows you propagation

from seeds, cuttings, layering, budding and grafting.

10 a.m.: Growing Nut Trees Learn what to grow and how.

11 a.m.: Growing Nutrient Rich Fruits & Vegetables

With gardener and philosopher Mike Maki.

12:15 p.m.: Lunch

There are several places in Morton to eat lunch.

1 p.m.: Mason Bees

Learn all about how to care for them!

1 p.m.: Pests & Diseases

Learn to control fungus, insects including the new fruit fly, weeds

and deer in your fruit garden using ecological methods!

2 p.m.: Fruits from Around the World

With Sam Benowitz.

2 p.m.: Growing Grapes & Kiwis

Gary Moulton shares his expertise. Best varieties, rootstocks, growing and

training methods.

3 p.m.: Fruit Tree Pruning

Gary Moulton, formerly from the WSU Mt. Vernon station, explains and

demonstrates how to prune all fruits including young and old trees.

4:30 p.m.: Hands-On Pruning & Top Working

(At Raintree) We go out in the field and learn to prune top work a large

overgrown fruit tree.

About Grafting Lessons

We will be giving hands-on grafting lessons at our March 24th workshop and our
March 10th day of classes. We supply grafting tools for your use that ready-make
grafts. Grafting knives, grafting tools, rootstocks and other supplies are for sale.
We bring scionwood of many (not all) of the fruit varieties in our catalog. We give
four free scions to each grafter. Additional scions $2 each. We custom graft up to
5 trees at a time per family. Cost $2.50 per graft. (Note: People can be cut while
grafting with a knife. Graft at your own risk. We will not be liable for any injuries.)

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