Visit us at the NW Flower and Garden Show from February 7-11 at the Seattle Convention Center, It is going to be a great event! We will have a number of varieties available for purchase, as well as growing information and horticulturalists present to answer any questions. Find us at booth #2333 in the North Hall. Hours Wednesday through Saturday from 9am-8pm. Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Sam and Theresa are giving a DIY seminar, "Start Your Fruit Trees & Berries Off Right" on Saturday, Feb 10th from 3:15-4pm. They will show you how to select the best trees from a nursery, pruning and re-potting techniques, and the best rootstock varieties for Western Washington. Find us at the DIY Stage at the NW Flower and Garden Show at the Seattle Convention Center. See you there!


We are bringing the following plants to the show: Berries: Albion Strawberries, Cascade Delight and Autumn Brittan Raspberries, Prime Ark Traveler Blackberries, Ida and Red Pearl Lingonberries, Black Velvet Gooseberries, Rovada Red Currants, Minaj Black Currants, Einset Seedless Grapes, Wyldewood and Bob Gordon Elderberris, Cherry Berry Wintergreeen and Olympia and Bluegold Blueberries. We are bringing the following fruit trees: Columnar Urban Apples, Dwarf Liberty and Williams Pride Apples, Espalier European Pears, Mini Dwarf Nectarines, Desert King Figs. Also McDonald, Wepster and Burgundy Lace Filberts, Hardy Jasmine, Akebia and Lemon Guava plants We are bringing the following crops of the Andes; Oka, Mashua and Yacon . Also Wasabi plants and the following mushrooms; Garden Giants, Oyster and Shiitake kits to grow in the kitchen and oyster, shiitake and other dowels to grow on logs and stumps.