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Raintree Nursery selects fruit varieties for flavor and ease of growing with over 800 varieties of fruit trees, berries, unusual edibles, ornamentals & supplies for the American Gardener! Shipped directly to your home since 1972! Raintree selects fruit varieties for flavor and ease of growing with you, the backyard gardener, in mind.

"A society grows great when it's people plant trees"

Videos From Wranglerstar and Raintree Nursery

Do you have fruit trees you have planted in the last ten years that are misshapen and you haven’t pruned them because you didn’t know what to do? In 45 seconds Sam shows you how to prune them correctly and how to keep them on the right track.

Planting fruit trees with the experts at Raintree Nursery. In this video we cover site selection how to dig the hole that will give your fruit trees the best chance to thrive. If you have any other plant related questions, you can email our horticulturist at


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What To Do When Your Fruit Tree Breaks

“The snow has broken my trees…What can I do? Don't worry, you can save this tree! The heavy snow and ice we have had in the Pacific Northwest in the last few days has severely damaged lots of trees including fruit and nut trees.   It was scary at night in......

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Are My Apples Ripe?

In the Pacific Northwest, the earliest varieties are often ready to start picking by mid-August. If you are not sure when you should start checking the varieties in your yard for their ripeness, review our ripening order list on our website under plant care or consult the Raintree catalog. Some......