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Bareroot Pre-Order is officially live! - Click Here
Bareroot Pre-Order is officially live!



We supply quality plants. Our plants are guaranteed to arrive alive and well and be true to name as labeled. When given proper care, they will leaf out. We are proud of our 99% success rate.

If your plant fails to leaf out and grow, and you believe it was defective, notify us by August 1st of the season you purchased it. Claims received after August 1st will not be approved.

Fill out this claim form and our Customer Service Team will get back to you immediately to help you process your request.

To submit the request you will need to fill out the form and attach the following 4 photos:

  1. Photo of the tag
  2. Photo of the surrounding soil
  3. Photo of the Scratch Test area
  4. Photo of the whole plant

We will place a one-time credit, for the price you paid, minus the shipping cost and any price differences in your Raintree account towards future purchases, up to $150 of store credit per customer, per year. Store credit is valid for two years from the date it was issued. See below for the different criteria to receive a credit based on the types of plants you ordered.

Sale items are guaranteed at the sale price. Bonus items and seconds are not guaranteed. Please note: Replacement credit is good for 1 replacement plant.

Orders placed in May for bareroot plants will not be covered in areas that are experiencing an average of 75-degree temperatures, as the bareroot plants cannot withstand heat exposure during transit. We recommend placing your orders for bareroot plants before the first of April to ensure you receive them within the appropriate weather window.


For claims of unsatisfactory plants, shortages, or incorrect item(s) received, fill out this claim form within seven (7) days of receipt of your order to be eligible for a full refund.

To submit a request for a refund if your plant arrived, missing, DOA, or broken, you will need to attach the following photos:

  1. A photo of the damaged area if broken
  2. A photo of your order unpacked with each plant laid out if the plant is missing
  3. A photo of the scratch test if the plant is dead

Please note: We cannot accept returned plants. If you have received a mislabeled plant, please enjoy it or pass it along to a friend. If you are unhappy with the plant you received, please fill out a claim form to see if you qualify for a refund or replacement.


If your order has been delayed or lost in transit, contact immediately and we will work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

To submit the request if your box and plant were damaged in transit, you will need to fill out the form and attach the following photos:

  1. A photo showing the damaged item and how it was packaged inside the box.
  2. A photo of the damaged item.
  3. A photo of the packaging material used.
  4. A close-up photo of the shipping label with the tracking number. (generally starts with 1Z)
  5. A close-up photo of the box manufacturer’s certificate. (round stamp on the outside of the box)
  6. Two photos showing all six sides of the package. (one showing the top and two sides, another showing bottom and opposite ends)

Additionally, the dimensions of the box, including the package height, length, and width will be needed.


We strive to provide top-quality plants to our customers. We guarantee that your plants will arrive alive and be correctly labeled. That being said, we sell many plants from all around the United States and many of these plants may, or may not, grow well in your specific area and conditions. Because of this, it is important that you do your research prior to ordering different plants from us and ensure that you will be able to enjoy success when growing them at your home. Have questions? We are here to help you on your growing journey.

You can schedule a free 15-minute Horticulture Consultation with one of our expert growers anytime!

Raintree was created with a spirit of experimentation, but everyone knows experimentation always involves a risk of failure. For that reason, if our horticulturalists determine that you ordered plants that do not grow in your area, we will not be able to issue a store credit for these. In addition, if we determine that your planting methods are unsatisfactory, be it from poor soil, under-watering, or other care issues, we may decide not to issue a store credit.

We know that this is a broad disclaimer. The reality is that Raintree is a small business and we provide a huge selection of exotic and heritage plants across the enormous array of growing conditions we have here in the United States. Please do your research, ask for our assistance, and help us continue to be able to supply these plants into the future by understanding that we are your partner in this growing journey.


Potted Plants

For part of the year, our potted plants are shipped with leaves on them (April-Sept). During the winter, they will likely not have any leaves on them and arrive dormant. If your plant arrives during this warm season and is dead upon arrival, notify us within 7 days to receive a refund. If your plant arrives alive, and after it is planted dies by August 1st of that year, fill out this claim form and we will determine if it is eligible for a replacement store credit at our discretion.

If your potted plant arrives dormant and fails to leaf out in the spring, we usually ask that you continue watering it well and wait until at least mid-June before we file for a replacement credit. Plants can surprise you, and more often than not they come to life (really, they do)!

Bareroot Plants

Our bareroot trees are shipped from our cold storage building as close as possible to your ideal planting timeline. If you receive a bareroot plant that does not leaf out at all by August 1st, fill out the claim form and we will credit your account.

All the trees we ship were alive when they went into dormancy, but it is possible every so often that they do not survive the transport to you. If your tree leaves out in the spring, and later dies while under your care, we will not issue a replacement credit. It is your responsibility to ensure that you order plants that will grow in your area and site conditions, and we can only guarantee that they will be delivered to you in good health. What happens after that is up to you.


As a grower, we know you love plants as much as we do. We are all on a growing journey together, sometimes we have great gardening success, but often there are bumps along the way, which is why claims of a failed plant as a result of improper care, poor growing conditions, plants purchased outside of zone recommendations, and/or extreme weather conditions shall not be covered regardless of whether the plant was leafing out.

You can find many great growing resources on our Grow Guide Page!

Improper care can mean several things, including poor soil organics, drainage, and composition. In addition, there are many plants that do not grow well in some areas. If we determine that you ordered a plant that historically does not do well in your growing area, a store credit will not be issued.

Examples of approved claims under the Raintree Guarantee:

  • Bareroot tree that does not leaf out by August 1st
  • Bareroot raspberry that does not send out a new cane from roots by August 1st
  • Bareroot berries that do not put out new leaves by August 1st
  • Potted plants shipped dormant that do not leaf out by August 1st
  • Potted plants shipped leafed out that arrive dead from transport

Examples of rejected claims under the Raintree Guarantee

  • Wasabi or other high-water consuming plants planted in dry soil areas
  • Plants put in poor soil, without correct organic content, drainage, or composition
  • Bareroot trees that leaf out in spring, but later die
  • Plants kept in inappropriately sized pots and/or pots without sufficient irrigation
  • Plants purchased within their USDA cold hardiness zone but inappropriate for the summer heat conditions it will endure

Please do your research prior to ordering plants that you do not know will grow in your area. We are here to help answer any of your growing questions. Remember to schedule a Horticulture Consultation today!