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Check our Help Center for updates on Spring shipping dates!


Chestnut Seedlings

Castanea spp.

Chestnuts are majestic trees which can live hundreds of years, and yield hundreds of pounds of nuts at maturity. Chestnuts are unusual in the nut tree community because, unlike most large nut-bearing species, they are reliably productive EVERY year. Seedlings are a great choice for growers who are looking to plant many trees without breaking their bank, and who have a few extra years to spare before their trees become productive. Seedlings are genetically variable and will reliably pollinize each other, regardless of variety.

American chestnuts are not a good choice for areas prone to chestnut blight. Chinese seedlings thrive in areas with long, hot summers and are not affected by blight.

Seedlings should start producing flowers and nuts 8-10 years after planting.

USDA prohibits shipping chestnuts to Arizona.

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    Chinese Chestnut Seedling

    Castanea mollissima USDA Prohibits shipping chestnuts to Arizona. We have selected seedlings from highly productive trees. They are resistant to Ch...

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