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Potted Plants

Shipping Policy

Orders placed after March 24th, 2024 that are scheduled to ship to the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, SC, TX, NC, MS, CA, AZ, and NV will not qualify for the Raintree Guarantee. We encourage you to wait and place a Fall 2024 order!

Our bareroot season is over. Orders placed for in stock potted plants will ship now if the weather is appropriate, or we will hold your order until fall 2024.

We will begin taking pre-orders for bareroot plants starting July 1st, and they will ship in 2025.

Fall Shipping Start Dates: 9/23/24
Spring Shipping Start Dates: West of
Spring Shipping Start Dates: East of
California  6/24/2024 Alabama 2025
Hawaii - USPS 2025 Arkansas 2025
Oregon (Western) 6/24/2024 Florida 2025
Puerto Rico - USPS 2025 Georgia 2025
Washington (Western) 6/24/2024 Louisiana 2025
Arizona  2025 Mississippi 2025
Nevada 2025 Texas 2025
New Mexico 2025 Kansas 2025
Idaho 6/24/2024 Kentucky 2025
Oregon (Eastern 976-979) 6/24/2024 Missouri 2025
Washington (Eastern 987-994) 6/24/2024 Oklahoma 2025
Colorado 2025 South Carolina 2025
Montana  6/24/2024 Tennessee 2025
Utah  2025 Delaware 2025
Wyoming  2025 District of Columbia 2025
Alaska - USPS 2025 Illinois 2025
Indiana 2025
Spring Shipping Start Dates: East of
Iowa 2025
Maryland 2025
Connecticut 2025 Nebraska 2025
Massachusetts 2025 New Jersey 2025
New York (100-119) 2025 North Carolina 2025
Rhode Island  2025 Ohio 2025
Maine 2025 Pennsylvania 2025
Michigan 2025 Virginia 2025
Minnesota 2025 West Virginia 2025
New York (120-149) 2025
New Hampshire 2025
North Dakota 2025
South Dakota 2025
Vermont 2025


Shipping Seasons

Please Note: The dates listed are when we expect to begin shipping to the state or area and are not your actual shipping date. Exact shipping dates vary on product availability, weather conditions local to you or us, the size of the order, and the date the order was placed.

We can not ship potted items to Hawaii.

Pre-Orders start July 1st!

The table above shows the date that we plan to begin shipping to your state. We base these dates on the average weather conditions in your location at that time of the year related to your optimal planting time and our ability to get your order to you.

Typically from Early-February through the end of May, we ship most of our orders during this time frame.

Pre-Ordered orders start shipping late January, weather permitting. We prioritize orders to western locations first. For customers in HI and PR, we will begin shipping to you in early February. We start to ship into south AK in mid-April and the rest of AK mid-May. Due to the high volume of orders or inclement weather, it may take multiple weeks to ship your order. In these cases, we will try to get your order to you at your optimal planting time. Requested select ship dates will be honored to the best of our ability but cannot be guaranteed. Beginning mid-March, our first zone skip truck is scheduled to ship out, starting with southern states and alternating weekly to northern areas as the weather warms. On alternate weeks we will continue shipping to western locations in the same manner. When you place your order, the ship date given to you is not an exact ship date but rather the estimated shipping week based on our average shipping times. Most orders ship via UPS Ground. For customers in AK, HI, and PR, we can only ship to you via USPS.

Summer Shipping Season

Typically from June through the end of July, we can ship to your location if the weather is appropriate, otherwise we may hold your order until the fall season. We do not ship bare-root, only container plants during this season. Books and supplies are shipped nationwide via USPS or UPS on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Fall Shipping Season

Typically from mid-to-late-September through early-November, we do not ship bare-root plants during this season. We will ship container plants to cooler locations first and warmer areas when they begin to cool down. Books and supplies ship year-round.

If you place an order that consists of items that are available for fall shipping and pre-order items that will not be available until the following Spring, your order will not ship until Spring. If you would like the available fall items to ship during the fall season, you will need to pay additional shipping for a split shipment, please reach out to customer service so we can help you with that. Most orders ship via UPS Ground. For customers in AK, HI, and PR, we can only ship to you via USPS.

General Shipping Information

Shipping rates are calculated in your cart at checkout and based on your order total. Please make sure you have entered your shipping information correctly and, most importantly, your street address, zip code, and state.

If you have entered incorrect information or need to change the address we are shipping to, we reserve the right to charge you for the new address’s updated shipping cost. If the value is less to the revised address, we will refund you the difference. If we have already shipped your order and it is in transit to you and needs a change of address, you will incur a fee that UPS imposes on us for the change of address and new transportation charges.

Once your order has shipped, our order management system will send you a tracking number, so please be sure to give us your email address to be informed of when your parcel is arriving.

Orders can arrive in as large as a 60x16x14 box and sometimes in multiple packages. We also carry many different sized containers to accommodate the size and amount of your order.

Bare-root items are stored in our cold storage facility to ensure they stay dormant, and that allows us to ship them to you in optimal condition. We only bring them out of storage when your order is ready to ship. Bare-root items we sell are only available to ship on Spring orders.

Container plants that are in stock are stored and taken care of here at the Nursery. Some items we carry may not be in stock due to selling out of the previously available stock quantity and the new crops growing need time to develop. Some of the new crop items will be available for Fall shipping. You can check their availability on our website.

Books & Supplies are available to ship year-round depending on stock quantities. Weather permitting.

This page’s information is subject to change based on weather, carrier delays, stock delays, or other unforeseen circumstances. It may be updated to reflect our policy at that time.