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Which Plants Are Right For Me?

We are proud of the amount of information Raintree Nursery provides our customers in our catalog and on our website. If you are sitting in an easy chair and looking through the Raintree website or through our catalog, you are probably wondering how you should go about deciding which of the myriad of choices you should choose for your yard...

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Irrigation Is Valuable During Long, Hot Summer Days

Drip irrigation in New Mexico vineyard, 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) During the long hot days of summer irrigate as needed to provide the equivalent of 1” of rain per week (enough water to saturate the soil to 1 foot deep). Irrigation is especially valuable for newly planted trees (1-2 years) whose root systems are not fully established deep into...

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Are My Apples Ripe?

In the Pacific Northwest, the earliest varieties are often ready to start picking by mid-August. If you are not sure when you should start checking the varieties in your yard for their ripeness, review our ripening order list on our website under plant care or consult the Raintree catalog. Some people like their fruit more green and tart, others more...

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Videos From Wranglerstar and Raintree Nursery

Pruning Fruit Trees In 45 Seconds. Sam from Raintree Nursery attempts to prune a neglected garden apple tree in under a minute.

Planting fruit trees with the experts at Raintree Nursery. In this video we cover site selection how to dig the hole that will give your fruit trees the best chance to thrive. If you have any other plant related questions, you can email our horticulturist at