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Raintree Nursery 2021 Photo Contest!

The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing, and as summer winds down, now is the season to dust off your cameras and head out to the garden for Raintree Nursery's 2021 Photo Contest! Raintree has sold millions of trees and plants over the last almost half century, and we love to hear the success stories our customers send to us. Annual photo contests give our growing community a chance to share their amazing projects with other gardeners around the country!

This year's categories and prizes include:

  • Grand Prize Winner:  $100.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate and a 2-hour consultation with Raintree Nursery's premiere garden designer and horticultural expert Laura Sweany!
  • Best Berry Bush:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate
  • Best Fruit Tree:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate
  • Best Unique Plant:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate
  • Best Fruiting Vine:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate
  • Best Blossom:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate
  • Best Fruit or Nut Harvest:  $50.00 Raintree Nursery Gift Certificate

Entering is easy! Just grab your digital camera, take a photo of what you have growing in your garden, and send a copy to us at with the subject line "Photo Contest".

Entries must include a name, e-mail address, city/state, and the name of the plant your picture features.


  1. Photos must include the name and variety of the plant. (i.e. Honeycrisp Apple, Caroline Raspberry, etc.)
  2. If possible entries must include the year the plant was planted.
  3. A "plant biography" must be included with your submission describing where it is planted, why you chose that variety, and your favorite thing about the plant, or gardening in general.
  4. Multiple photos are allowed for each entry.
  5. Raintree Nursery staff will select the winners for each category.
  6. Contest submission period ends December 31st, 2021.
  7. Winners will be announced by February 1st, 2022.
  8. Photos must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format.