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In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.
In stock Potted items shipping now, Bareroot pre-order for 2024 begins July 1st.


When you buy your produce in the store, flavor is their last priority. They are more concerned with the appearance and shelf life than palatability. At Raintree, we have selected our plant varieties for the following:


Once you try some of the delicious varieties we offer, you'll never want store-bought fruit again! Many people think they know how strawberries, apples, or grapes taste, but once they try growing some of our varieties they realize they have been missing out on some of the best food on this planet!


Growing your own food is a lot of work! We want people of all gardening skills to enjoy their time and get great results. We are on a constant quest to find easy to grow varieties to offer you for your orchard. 



THE YEAR WAS 1972...

Sam Benowitz started Raintree with the mission of bringing the best edible plants from around the world to the Pacific Northwest. He saw how different cultures grew and enjoyed their traditional fruits, nuts, and berries and dreamed of creating a place where American gardeners could access all of them. Sam also recognized the benefits of teaching people to grow their own food, and wanted to get the word out that store-bought fruit and berries are not selected for flavor, but shelf life. 

 With this mission in mind, Raintree Nursery was started on a beautiful piece of land just north of Mount Saint Helens by Sam and a few friends. They continued to expand their horticultural expertise and travel the world gathering delicious and unique plants, bringing them back to be propagated here in the PNW.

Over the following decades, Raintree helped promote hundreds of new types of edible plants to American gardeners. With the support of extension services, germplasm repositories, and an army of gardeners, horticulturalists, and passionate people they were able to bring the fruits of the world home. 

 In 2018, Sam decided it was time to pass Raintree on to James Owen, who has continued to promote the nursery's mission to find the best plants for the Pacific Northwest. We're constantly experimenting with new varieties and methods to cultivate these delicious and interesting plants. Please reach out to us and help us continue one of the oldest and longest running experiments in humans, growing fruit!