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Puget Gold Apricot

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Prunus armenica 'Puget Gold'

Officially named and introduced by Washington State University (WSU). Puget Gold is capable of setting and sizing up fruit in cool, wet spring weather and short, cool summers, where all other varieties fail - although it's not a reliable producer every year. This adaptable variety produces large, elongated fruit of very good flavor. The tree blooms in early Spring and the fruit ripens in early August.

A naturally petite grower, the tree can easily be maintained at 15' height and spacing. While it can produce fruit in maritime regions, it still needs the hottest microclimate available.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height: 15' 

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August

Pollination: Self Fertile

Rootstock: St. Julian A

Read our Apricot Growing Guide

Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Is this a dwarf tree

    I believe what you are asking is how tall will this tree get and the answer is approximately 16 feet.

  • does PUGET GOLD APRICOT need a pollinator

    No, it is self-fertile

  • Proclivity for peach curl?

    Not much. Apricots typically do not, but can, suffer from the fungus Taphrina deformans. As it is uncommon, there are no varieties bred for disease resistance.

  • what is the best polinator for an Aprium?

    Apriums need an Asian plum, the best being Santa Rosa plum.

  • What is the rootstock for the puget gold?

    St. Julian A.

  • How old is the bare root, and how tall is it at the time of the shipment. (not the future growth)

    Our apricots are 3 years old and roughly 4'-5' tall at the time of shipping.

  • how many chill hours required ???

    600+ chill hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I planted the bare root tree about a month ago and had a few blooms. I saw a few baby apricots today! I wasn’t expecting that this season so very happy!

Puget Gold Apricot

The tree looks great, plenty of roots and branches.

I can count on RainTree Nursery

Purchased 2 apricot tree-lings from Raintree last year and they both "sprouted" (flowered, grew, survived the winter, and now they are flowering again). So I purchased a 3rd . . . all different varieties. Arrived at the perfect time of year as I think they watched the cold snap we had during mid-March and in fine condition. Easy to get in the ground . . . Maybe a few years and I will be fighting the birds for fruit!?

Beautiful little tree

I received mine last spring. It grew a lot and is a beautiful tree with red branches and light green leaves that turned a beautiful color this fall. Hoping it will bloom this coming spring. I love it as a tree and am hoping it will do well on the coast.

Catherine M.
My apricot tree

When I received this tree two years ago I couldn’t believe how strong and sturdy it was. At the second year, this year, the tree gave us a total of nine sweet and beautiful apricots. I did have to totally enclose it with a net so the squirrels would not get the fruit. Raintree has excellent quality trees. I would highly recommend the puget gold apricot tree!