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Gold Kist Apricot

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Prunus armenica 'Gold Kist'

These plum-sized, orange, freestone fruits, originally from California in the 1960's, are the first apricots to ripen each season. The firm orange flesh is delicious eaten fresh or dried.  What a great way to extend your harvest!

Only 300 chill hours needed to reliably bloom and set large quantities of fruit. Especially well-suited for warm climates. Blooms early; not for growers with variable spring weather.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 7

Mature Height:  12' -15'

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self Fruitful

Rootstock: Semi-dwarf Myro 29c

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Size: Semi Dwarf (2'-3')


Ask a Question
  • Can this be grown in containers? 15- 25 gallon?

    For awhile yes, but the mature tree will outgrow the pot. Fortuantely apricots like drier and hotter conditions, which pots provide, so it will thrive longer in a pot than something like a plum might.

  • Will this grow in Kirkland, WA? The site is west facing with sandy soil and excellent drainage. Thanks.

    It's a good site, but our shorter growing season and variable spring weather is bad for this apricot. Puget Gold is a better choice for your region and may do well!

  • will this grow in Montesano washington state

    No, your area is too wet and too cold.

  • I live in Tucson Arizona and would like to grow this in a pot is that possible?

    Yes. Your pot will need good irrigation and the soil will need to provide good drainage. Apricots want water, but not wet feet.

  • Hi. I have a few questions:) 1. Is this a sweet pit apricot? 2. Do I have to have more than 1 tree to have harvest? 3. Will this tree be ok in a heavy clay soil if I add some amendments? Thank you!

    1. No, this is not a sweet pit variety.
    2. No, this tree is self-fertile.
    3. Yes it should do fine, provided you have hot enough, and long enough, summers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sameena K.
Nice Looking Tree

The tree came much larger than I expected and seems to be very healthy. I am looking forward to seeing the growth it puts out this year.

Geoffrey S.
bare root gold kist apricot

The tree arrived promptly. With the help of your horticulturist s video on planting bare root trees, I dug the hole and put my tree in its new home in my back yard. Time will tell, but I m happy so far.