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Black Gold Cherry

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Prunus avium 'Black Gold'

We love the flavor and productivity of this large, firm, deep red (almost black), disease-resistant sweet cherry. A delicious mid-season treasure, especially for our East Coast growers!

It is late blooming and self fertile so its sets a big crop where others fail. Moderately tolerant of rain at ripening time. From New York Fruit Testing.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height: 8' (Mini-Dwarf), 12' (Dwarf), 25' (Standard)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Dwarf Rootstock: Gisela 5

Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: Gisela 3

Standard Rootstock: Mazzard

Read our Cherry Growing Guide

Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Hi Will you have any standard BlackGold cherry trees available for spring 2023?

    Currently we are only carrying this variety on Gisela 5. That may change, but not at this time.

  • Will the Black Gold and Bing cherry pollinate each other?

    Yes, Black Gold is a reliable pollinizer for Bing!

  • Can Black Gold and Sweetheart cherry trees pollinate each other

    Yes they will cross polliante just fine

  • This tree is listed as hardy in zone 9 but another question about chill hours says it requires 800+. Zone 9 gets 1-300 chill hours so I'm not quite sure what to think?

    Those things are unrelated. USDA zones only refer to the coldest average winter temperatures and do not predict growing degree days or chilling hours.

  • Is this a true self-pollinator?

    If by "true" you mean it sets a full crop of cherries, yes.

  • Can these be planted in fall or only spring?

    They can be planting in fall, but are not shipped in the fall.

  • Is the Black Gold a good cross-pollinator for a Rainier cherry?

    Yes! They work great together.

  • how many chill hours does this required?

    Black Gold requires 800+ chill hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kathleen K.

Arrived on time and well-packaged. Thorough and easy to follow planting directions. Loved that it was packed with recyclable materials!!

Eric L.
Tree was massive with a massive root system and leafed out when I got it.

I bought the standard black gold cherry tree nearly last minute in April. The trunk diameter was massive and so was the root system. I put it in a 100 gallon pot to start out and the root system likely took up half the pot so it was likely around a 50 gallon root system. You can t get a 50 gallon root system anywhere potted. Only a few weeks later and the tree is so set in place you can t even move the trunk so it is a strong grower too. The tree was showing green when I bought it.

Anne T.
Already flowering!

Received my trees three weeks ago and put them in my garden right away. Near the base of the tree I was surprise to see flowers! Don’t expect any fruit this year but it was still nice to see!

Lisa M.
First Year in, Already Flowering!

I have to say I am very happy with the two cherry trees I received. One is a Lapins, and one is this Black Gold. Both trees arrived in great condition, with with very sturdy trunks, and were well pruned. They went in the ground last spring, and this spring they are both flowering and have leafed out really nicely. I could not be happier with both trees.

Great Care!

Tree shipped without any damage. I received the item as described with moist newspaper to keep the roots from drying out.

This tree was really healthy. It has a good rootstock and when I last checked little green buds were starting. Great product.