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Southern Half of U.S. - Place your order by 3/24 to qualify for Raintree Guarantee
Southern Half of U.S. - Place your order by 3/24 to qualify for Raintree Guarantee


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Ribes x nidigrolaria

BLACK CURRANT-GOOSEBERRY HYBRIDS ARE PROHIBITED TO DE, ME, NC, NJ, WV, VA, MI, MA, OH& RI. Rust resistant varieties may be shipped to OH & MI(With Permit)

A complex cross between European black currant and N. Am. & Euro wild gooseberries, (pronounced yust-a-berry). jostaberries have the vigorous growth habit, the high vitamin C content, and the disease resistance of the black currant. However, the leaves are gooseberry-like and the seedless fruit, until it is ripe, looks like a gooseberry. As it ripens in late June, the oval berry turns almost black. The flavor is sweet like a ripe gooseberry with just a pleasing hint of the stronger currant flavor.

It is early to leaf out each spring, thornless and easy-to-grow; resistant to both powdery mildew and white pine blister rust. It should be pruned like a gooseberry.  Productive in both sun and shade, it will perform better with some afternoon shade in hotter summer areas. USDA Zones 3-8

Size: Bareroot (1-2')


Ask a Question
  • Will it help pollinate another black currant?

    No, Jostaberries are too hybridized to act as a pollinizer for black currants.

  • is this self fertile?

    Yes, Jostaberries are self fertile

  • Why is this prohibited in New Jersey

    Any of the Ribes family can be a carrier of white pine blister rust. Contact your local AG department for more information and possible exception.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ryan R.

Picking my plants up in person was a great decision. The nursery is tucked away in a beautifull location. The people I met there were friendly and professional. I planted my bareroot jostas as soon as i arrived home. Its been a couple weeks now and im happy to see the first emergent growth from my plants. I couldnt be more pleased with the product or with the overall eperience. Thank you Raintree

The biggest surprise is ripening berries in the fridge!

I LOVE THIS BERRY! I have a huge deer and bird problem here in CT. These bushes are untouched by the deer and if I pull the entire crop of them when they are just pinkish and green and the branches are drooping under the weight of the fruit, I can ripen all 27 pounds or so of them in the fridge for a few weeks before I freeze or make jam. This is a zero pectin jam. Nothing troubles the shrub itself . The five of them have been in place now for 9 years. SUPERSTARS!!