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Prime Ark Freedom Thornless Blackberry

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Rubus x 'Prime Ark Freedom'

Now grow thornless blackberries like you do primocane raspberries! Prime Ark Freedom produces prolific, delicious harvests of sweet blackberries on thornless first year canes that don't require a trellis. Here's how you do it:

Plant the thornless cane and let it establish for a year. It will grow to six feet tall or more and produce a crop in July. Cut it to the ground each late fall. In late spring when it reaches 3 to 4 feet in height, cut 6 inches off the tip of each cane. The cane will produce branches and then flowers which in August and September in the Northwest will give you loads of delicious medium-to-large, firm, sweet berries. After the side branches reach about 15 inches you can pinch them back for even more production.

This new variety from our friends at the U of Arkansas. Freedom requires 500 chilling hours, and it's one of the most cold-hardy blackberries you can grow. Very early ripening. USDA Zones 5-9.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Does this variety require a second plant to bear fruit?

    Not at all, they are developed to be self fruitful.

  • Do these blackberries do better in shade or sun?

    Full sun for full flavor.

  • How far apart is minimum spacing for these plants?

    Roughly 2 feet apart could work.

  • Are 4" pots safe to plant in ground right away? Any smaller 1" pots would need to keep indoors until roots are more established? I'm in North Texas zone 8

    It all depends on your local weather conditions. If it is not too hot, over 70 degrees during the day, they should be fine to plant now.

  • Would these be suitable for zone 6a? Fingerlakes NY.

    Yes they should grow fine.

  • What cold temperature does this berry tolerate? (Suitable for Denver?)

    Prime Ark Freedom is hardy to USDA Zone 5, roughly negative 20 degrees. Denver is a zone 5b, which is close to the hardiness limit, but should be fine.

  • Are these genetically thornless?

    They are!

  • Is this thornless blackberry as invasive as traditional thorned blackberries? Should I be concerned about its rapid spread to other plants? Thank you.

    No where near. Prime Ark will not escape into the wild or spread like wildfire.

  • I planted baby Prime Ark Freedom blackberries this past spring and now they are growing quite well, but the canes are spreading out on the ground for several feet. If this plant does not require a trellis, why is it growing on the ground?

    Even raspberries need some kind of support to prevent flopping over. While I have personally seen this blackberry grow fine without support your mileage may vary with water availability and climate considerations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Matthew M.

Plants arrived in very good condition. Very good packaging to protect them. No complaints whatsoever.

I’ve ordered many mail-order plants from many different companies over the years and had quite a vast array of experiences with that. These were about as good as you can expect.

Benjamin K.
Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry plants arrived and pleasantly surprised

The plants are very healthy with developed root balls.

Arrived healthy and growing well

This raspberry arrived very well packed and has taken off already. Looking forward to lots of berries