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Scarlet Lingonberry

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Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Scarlet'

Small but mighty; Scarlet is a beautiful ornamental groundcover that grows to only 4-8 inches tall. Scarlet produces reasonable quantities of medium size, tasty red berries on its branch tips and is also a great pollinizer for other cultivars. 

Scandinavians love these fantastic edible evergreen ground covers that produce delicious cranberry-like berries great for sauces, jellies and cooking. They are attractive and easy-to-grow in your garden with bright red fruits the size of a small blueberry. These beautiful and productive groundcover plants are under-utilized and a must for American gardeners in cooler regions. They are also great grown in a pot. Hardy to USDA Zones 4.

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Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • Would lingonberries grow well in eastern Tennessee?

    Lingonberries need acidic soil with a lot of organic matter (compost and manure basically), and do not tolerate extended periods of heat or drought. For more regional information please contact your Plant Ambassador for your region through our Help Center.

  • Would Lingonberries do well along the Oregon Coast (Zone 8b)? If so, which varieties would do best?

    Lingonberries grow along the Oregon coast. Koralle and Erntesagen are some of the best selections for the area.

Customer Reviews

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Plant was good sized and healthy

Roger M.
Growing lingonberry

I came across lingonberry wine and jelly on a trip to Finland. Since then I have wanted to grow it. Raintree Nursery is one of the few places that sells the plants. I plan to set them in a place of their own as soon as the weather warms up. Currently they are in the greenhouse.