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Spineless Caper

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Capparis spinosa var. inermis

This shrub with arching stems grows to three feet tall. It produces an abundance of small flower buds on first-year branches from May to October that are harvested before they open, and brined using salt and herbs. Each brined bud has a peppery, mustard flavor and can be used for sauces, meat dishes or pastas. If left unpicked these buds form large, scented, pinkish-white flowers with long lavender-colored stamens that open each morning and close in the afternoon.

Hardy outside only to 18º F, the plant is often grown in a pot in colder climates and brought in when weather gets cold. From the Mediterranean region; it likes hot weather and dry soils. Overwatering can kill the plant. Hardy to USDA Zones 8. Self fertile.

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


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Customer Reviews

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Julie S.
Nice plant

Very happy with quality and size of plant.

The Little Shrub That Could…

I am a life long gardener/planter who is fortunate to live in beautiful zone 10b. Being in a Mediterranean climate I thought that this plant would be perfect here.
I received my plant in February 2023. I have the plant in a 16” terracotta pot. My medium is 50/50 mix of a high quality potting mix and sand. The plant has struggled in its first year of being transplanted. It has survived but in no way has it thrived in my location. I am hopeful that this year after overwintering it will flourish come Spring. Any tips from Raintree or other planters are welcome.