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Order now to reserve your spring plants for 2024.
Order now to reserve your spring plants for 2024.

Combo Disease-Resistant Apple (4 varieties)

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SKU A8504S

Malus Domestica spp.

Varieties are subject to change

Enjoy 4 of the 5 best-tasting, disease-resistant apples, on one amazing self-fertile, semi-dwarf tree: 

Ashmead's Kernel, William's Pride, Liberty, Dayton, and/or Belmac 

Please Note: We cannot guarantee specific variety requests for combo trees due to the numerous factors that can affect successful grafting. If you desire a specific varietal, we recommend purchasing it as a single-graft tree from our collection.

Harvest tasty yellow and red apples from August through October. Can be maintained at 12-15'.

On MM106 semi-dwarf rootstock.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 4

Mature Height: 15' (Semi-dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: August - October

Pollination: Self-Fertile

Size: Semi-Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Only one plant needed? Or do I need 2 or more to pollinate?

    Due to having several compatible variaties grafted on the tree it is "self fertile" but will not be if enough variaties are lost.

  • How much space should we give this tree when planting?

    This tree should be given 8+ feet on either side of the planting hole. If planting multiple trees of this kind that would be 16 feet apart.

  • Are these trees mature enough on arrival to companion plant around or is it better to wait a certain number of years until they are more established?

    These trees are 3 years old when shipped. Depending on what you are planting it should be fine and is preferred so you don't damage the root system by digging around in the root zone later.

  • There's a lot of junipers where I live, is this resistant to cedar apple rust?

    Yes. These apples are all rated resistant to very resistant to cedar apple rust.

  • I was wondering how many years does it take to fruit after planting this?

    Typically within 2-3 years if the tree establishes correctly.

  • Is this scab resistant?

    Not specifically no, it will need regular pruning and good light penetration.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Bernadette M.
Healthy tree

This is my first tree that I'm attempting to grow. The tree looked healthy with no damage. It was planted right away. Looking forward to seeing it mature!

Michael B.

Ordered the disease resistant and heritage 4ways and they arrived is great shape. Very well packaged, branches nicely trimmed and the rootball damp and root systems looked very vigorous. Great product.

Gunner K.

Nice and thick caliper, nice scaffolding branching, just waiting for it to break dormancy but what a fantastic tree.

D B.
Nice tree!!

Ordered this to try a multigraph. Received all 5 varieties instead of 4, BONUS! I'm excited to see how this tree develops.



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