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Spring 2024 Shipping Has Begun! Order Now!


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Rubus L. subgenus Rubus

Although thorny, Marionberry has such an incredible, rich flavor that many people prefer it to any other berry for eating out of hand and for making superb pies, jellies, juices or wine. It was developed at Oregon State University in 1945 by crossing a Chehalem blackberry (a berry with native blackberry, Loganberry, and raspberry in its background) with a Olallieberry (itself a blackberry cross) and named after Marion county in Oregon. Marionberry is still held up as the flavor to beat by berry breeders.

Plants produce consistently heavy crops of high quality fruit starting in July and continuing for several weeks. Not to be confused with the former mayor of Washington, DC. USDA Zones 7-9.

Size: 4" Pot


Ask a Question
  • How tall and do they get

    Marionberries are cone fruit, like blackberries or raspberries, but extra large. The canes need a trellis and can get up to 20 feet long in a season.

  • Is this self-fertile, or does it need some kind of pollinator?

    Marionberries are self-fruitful.

  • what kind of supports will marionberries need? trellis, tomato cage type? or will they be bush and trailing like, more like the himalayan blackberries? thank you!

    Wired trellising works best. They are a long cane like blackberries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Surprised that it is thriving because it took a week to ship. Very happy with my purchase and love the different varieties!

Tracie F.

Plants arrived at a perfect time and are in excellent condition!

Greg K.
an excellent start

The marionberry arrived in excellent condition. I am planting it inside a 27 gallon storage container(with lots of holes for drainage). It is inside a fence, to keep the deer away from it. It is doing well, going to sleep for the winter.


3 of the 4 plants arrived looking great, but 1 had brown curling leaves. The weather that day was unseasonably hot, 90 degrees! So I hope that plant just needed some shade and water and will perk up, time will tell.

Cynthia M.
Received in good shape

Received in good shape

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