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Rainier Cherry

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Prunus avium 'Rainier'

Rainier cherries are some of the most popular cherries in the United States! Prized for their outstanding sweet and zesty flavor, Rainier is a highly productive yellow sweet cherry with a red blush. The very delicate flesh is prone to bruising when transported, which is why the perfect Rainier fruits will come from your own tree!

The tree is vigorous, growing well in drier spring climates, but often cracks in wetter locations like Western Washington, where crack-resistant cultivars like White Gold do better. Resistant to bacterial canker.

Hardy to USDA Zone: 5

Mature Height: 8' (Mini-Dwarf), 12' (Dwarf)

Sun: Full Sun

Ripening Time: July

Pollination: Needs a Pollinizer

Dwarf Rootstock: Gisela 5
Mini-Dwarf Rootstock: Gisela 3

Read our Cherry Growing Guide

Size: Dwarf (4'-5')


Ask a Question
  • Can I get two mini rainier cherry to cross pollination? Or I have to get different type of tree

    You will need to get 2 different culitvars of sweet cherry (Prunus avium) to cross pollinate. Check out our Cherry Growing Guide in the Help section of our website for a full explination.

  • How far apart do I need to have my cherry trees for pollination

    Cherry trees should be on 12-16 foot centers at closest and as far as 100 feet from each other in line of sight for insect pollinators.

  • Will a Lapins cherry tree pollinate this Ranier? Do they flower at the same time?

    Yes they do.

  • Do you sell mature fruit trees.

    No. Trees that are older and larger are difficult to ship and often do not survive the transplanting process without specialized knowledge and equipment. In our experience, 3 year old grafted trees are at a sweet spot for age, size, and success rate.

  • Would the Tehranivee cherry I bought from you earlier (and which is doing great!) be a good cross pollinator for the Rainier? FWIW, I'm in zone 7 (Albuquerque)

    Yes, Rainer is one of the best pollination partners for Bing.

  • What are the chill hours for this variety?

    800+ hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ed S.I.
Beautiful Tree

I received a beautiful, healthy “Rainier” cherry on dwarfing rootstock from Raintree Nursery. It was planted after a good soaking in a solution of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and humus; has already leafed out, and is growing nicely. It was heavily mulched with well aged hardwood ships to feed soil microbes which, in turn, will feed the you g tree.

Very pleased with Raintree Nursery.

Roy L.W.
Growing well in Sequim, but the birds, unfortunately, do like it.

Of my 20 or so cherries, the Rainier is growing best, with a relative bumper crop. The cherries do split here in western Washington, though I still eat them. Sadly, these cherries are not as reputed bird resistant; I have one crow who s learned to knock the cherries off, then descend down into the surrounding wire fence to grab one and then exit though at ground level. Since I m trying to prune all my fruit trees to eight feet or less, i m going to need to take the loppers to my tree soon, since it s growing rapidly. Despite the cracking, I ll give it five stars just for robustness.

Mini-dwarf not so mini

Hi ordered a mini-dwarf tree. After two years it has grown at least 6 feet. It's already around 10 feet tall. I ordered the mini-dwarf since it was all I could fit in my yard, but at this rate this will be a huge, full size tree. The rootstock label is no longer visible, so I am wondering if I got the wrong rootstock. The fruit tastes amazing though. I'm just disappointed it's so huge already.

Charles F.
Good quality tree, shipped too late

The tree was good quality with a decent root system. We’ll packaged with a lot of moisture for the roots. Too bad the tree was shipped too late in the season and had already broken dormancy. I received a tree with buds and leaves already coming out.

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