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Eastern Prince ™ Magnolia Vine

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Schizandra chinensis 'Eastern Prince'

This lovely shrubby fruiting vine comes to us from the mountains of China and the Russian far east. It does well in moist, shady places where few fruit plants thrive but it will also grow in full sun in mild summer areas, or morning sun and afternoon shade in hotter locations. It produces large clusters of round red fruit, and the leaves have a lemon scent. The fruit is acidic and very aromatic, and it is dried and used in medicinal teas. Or, sweetened, the fruits are used to make a juice or preserves that is said to be stimulating and energy restoring.

Grow on a trellis, arbor or similar structure. The fragrant, white flowers are self-fertile and fruits should begin to appear in about three years. Cold hardy to USDA Zones 4.

Size: 1 Gallon Pot


Ask a Question
  • Will the magnolia vine grow in zone 9

    If well irrigated and grown in full shade it can grow in hotter regions.

  • Does this require a pollinator?

    No, it is does not.

  • I plan to plant this along with jostaberry along my fence. How far apart should they be planted ?

    This plant is a climbing vine that requires partial shade to thrive. It can be planted in full sun in temperate climates, but will need supplemental irrigation to withstand summer temperatures. It grows to about 10ft long and tends to lean on neighboring plants for structure - kind of a like honeysuckle!

  • will it reseed

    If its fruits mature it should be able to.

  • How tall (or long) does this vine grow? Do birds tend to eat the berries? Thank you!

    This vine tops out at 8-9 feet and the berries are attractive to birds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Danida F.
best vines ever

The size and healthiness of these vines was terrific

Jeff K.
One of the Best Companies I've delt with yet!!

Both plants were larger and had a better root system than any other mail ordered plants I've received so far; and I have ordered a lot of plants. A++ rating

ursa s.

In wonderful shape on arrival, all the way to Ohio. Healthy and bushy, and a few feet tall already, with plenty of vines!

It's thriving and happy in pine shade.

I have a shaded section under pine trees that is always a challenge for planting but it's an interesting quest to find what will be happy. In that section of my garden, I get them established then it's adapt or...well you know. I always look for unusual plants when I came across the Eastern Prince. Asian origin plants seem to love my northern CT backyard. The Eastern Prince fit that and it also has flowers and berries. So, I planted the Eastern Prince hoping it wouldn't mind being a little drier under the pines. Much to my surprise, this spring, it has grown and it seems happy. I am so pleased, that I am going to get another one.


Is it dormant?